The Market

The housing market in India has experienced dramatic growth and undergone significant change due to new construction, renovation and redevelopment projects together with increased demand for urban housing from a burgeoning middle class. 

Incomplete information about the value of properties makes the housing market less transparent and inefficient. The current housing ecosystem in India does not have any standard, unbiased and transparent mechanism by which valuation of properties can be addressed. This creates problems for the consumer (buyer, seller), the financial institutions, and the government. Most price indices are just survey products and do not adjust for different kinds of properties sold in each time period. The market also lacks analytical and predictive indices of the housing market and its linkages to the broader economy.  This presents challenges to the real estate industry and related industries like banking, mortgage, and insurance, appliances and furnishings. These voids in information have created a need for a platform that can provide standardized, automatic, instantaneous, unbiased, online valuation of residential property and valuation-based products, as well as transparency to every player in the housing market.

Our Vision

GharValue's vision is to provide an Advanced Analytics platform for consumers and businesses that delivers a real-time internet-based User Driven Automated Valuation Model (UAVM) for instant, unbiased, independent valuation of any residential property, whether or not it’s on the market for sale. Along with our UAVM, our goal is to provide a number of innovative products such as a quality-adjusted Housing Price Indices (HPI) that offers a true picture of how home prices have changed right down to the neighborhood level, and predictive indices which fill this unaddressed niche in the real estate market.

UAVM and HPI together provide a real-time, accurate picture of the largest asset market in India. The ultimate objective for GharValue is to build a database and provide analytics of every residential property in Indian cities.

Why GharValue

GharValue allows anyone from anywhere at any time to look at valuation of their most valuable asset in real time. Gharvalue through its innovative solutions brings greater value to real estate as well as adjacent industries like lending and financial services. The solutions focus on empowering consumers with data and insights helping build a more systematic, predictable and efficient way for the real estate industry to grow.

Through the customized fusion of techniques incorporating sound econometrics with data-mining and artificial intelligence, GharValue's analytic products help dispel uncertainty about valuations with accuracy and ease of use.

The GharValue team brings years of experience in research and development to this next generation platform which is being developed using the latest innovations of Big Data analytics by recognized global real estate finance experts and technologists. The products include an Internet-based User-Driven Automated Valuation Model (UAVM), a Quality Adjusted Home Price Index (HPI), which is in final stages of testing, and in the near future a range of related products, including state of market indices and predictive products for homeowners, home buyers and sellers, real estate professionals, and banking and financial companies.

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