• a. What does the GharValue estimate represent?

    Our GharValue estimate is based on proprietary algorithms and statistical models informed by insights from housing economics. The algorithms use large amounts of data, including recent sales of similar homes, housing characteristics and details, construction cost data, rental data and neighborhood data and information.

    Can’t find your home’s GharValue estimate? Don't fret - it doesn't mean it’s not worth anything! GharValue estimates are only available in locations where we believe our estimates are within a reasonable range of accuracy. Currently, more than 2 Crore homes across India have GharValue estimates, a number that will continue to expand. The GharValue estimates are available currently for nearly 400 localities in 11 cities.

  • b. Why is the GharValue estimate more accurate in some areas than others?

    Property data available from sources vary by cities and localities, both in terms of quantity and quality. Accuracy tends to degrade in areas where we have limited and unreliable data about recent sales of similar homes or basic information about the features of the homes in those areas.

  • c. Why are GharValue estimates not available in all locations and for all cities?

    We are expanding our reach and our data scientists and real estate experts are working hard to fill the gaps. Stay with us.

  • d. Is the GharValue estimate an appraisal?

    No. The GharValue estimate is not an appraisal and you won't be able to use it in place of an appraisal. In the few other countries that have an AVM, it is routinely used by real estate professionals, mortgage bankers, homeowners and buyers as the first go-to website for quick, unbiased valuation.

  • e. How do we come up with the GharValue estimate and what's in the formula?

    We use proprietary automated valuation models that apply advanced machine learning and regression techniques informed by decades of insights from housing, real estate, finance and urban economics. It relies on comparables, costing, property income generation capacity, locational attributes and appraisal adjustments driven by data from different sources.

  • f. Who calculates the GharValue estimate and how do they do it?

    The GharValue estimate is created by an automated software process, but the underlying models are designed by economists, statisticians, and computer scientists. There is no ability for humans to manually alter the GharValue estimate for a specific property.

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